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Age 4 months
Weight 14 lbs 15.5 oz (38th %ile) yesterday
Length 26.25 in (92nd %ile) yesterday
Size 2 diapers (3s overnight) and 6m or 9m clothes
Eyes blue
Hair getting longer and thinning at the temples
Teeth still none, but lots of drooling and chewing
Sleeping not as well as last month 🙁 Still goes to bed ~7:30-8, up for the day ~6:00-6:30, usually wakes twice to eat with the occasional really great or really horrible night. Still taking 4-5 naps each day, usually 45 min in his crib.
Eating same as last month
Movement lots of back to side and almost rolling all the way over, loves to kick his legs
Milestones holding and shaking objects, brings objects to his mouth, sits up well with support
Outings Thanksgiving at Nana and Papa’s, Christmas shopping with mama, Christmas with Nana and Papa, 4 month well visit
Words/sounds lots of babbling
Favorite toys/activities “Itsy Bitsy Spider”, sitting in the high chair, watching big brother, playing on the play mat or a blanket, Tigger, Mortimer, bed time story, bath time

Age 3 months
Weight 12 lbs 12 oz (50th %ile) on 11/10
Length 25.25 in (95th %ile) on 11/10
Size 1 diapers (2s overnight) and 0-3m or 3-6m clothes
Eyes blue
Hair brown, getting even longer and poofier, looks lighter/thinner than Conor’s at this age
Teeth none but little bumps on the bottom front??
Sleeping Goes to bed ~7:30-8, up for the day ~6:30-7, usually wakes once to eat, then back to sleep for a few more. Slept 8-7 last weekend! Wakes up with a big smile 🙂 Still taking 4-5 naps each day, usually 45min-1.5hrs, in his crib or in the Ergo.
Eating same as last month
Movement rolling from back to side
Milestones grasping/holding objects
Outings Halloween parade at Isbister, Conor’s swimming lessons, walks with Mama, voting with Mama, 2 month well visit
Favorite toys/activities still loves bath time, swing, play mat, being worn, sitting in mama’s lap and talking, watching Conor, playing with Tigger after bath time, sucking his thumb


Age 2 months
Weight ??? (2 month well visit is in 2 weeks, we will find out then!)
Length ???
Size 1 diapers and 0-3m clothes
Eyes blue
Hair brown, getting longer, eyelashes getting darker, too!
Teeth still none yet 🙂
Sleeping ~10 hours at night, goes to bed between 8-9, wakes between 6-7, up once or twice to eat, 4-5 naps during the day usually in the Ergo carrier or being held
Eating switched to all formula at 6 weeks, takes 4-5 ounces every ~3 hours, doing much better with fussiness during feeding
Movement tummy time doesn’t last long because he rolls well tummy to back, holds head up well
Milestones smiling, recognizes mama, dada and big brother, studies hands and feet
Outings family hike at Maybury, big brother’s swimming and baseball practice, errands with mama, Isbister Harvest Fest, Geer School field trip with big brother, to work a couple times with mama, meeting Aunt Katie, Uncle Brian, and cousins Emily and Hannah
Favorite toys/activities bath time, swing, play mat, being worn, looking at the family picture in the living room

We made it to 1 month!


Age 1 month
Weight 9lbs 2oz at 3w 1d (lost a full pound by day 5, so he gained back 20 oz in 17 days!)
Length 21.5in at 3w 1d
Size 1 diapers and 0-3m clothes as of last week
Eyes blue
Hair brown, getting long in the back, sweet side part and awesome swirl on top
Teeth none yet
Sleeping starting to do ~11-6 at night more regularly in the bassinet, waking once to eat, several naps throughout the day
Eating breastmilk from a bottle, occasionally formula
Movement always moving his arms/throwing punches, will roll during tummy time
Milestones rolled tummy to back, first real smiles
Outings newborn photo session, first dinner out (at Pie Co.)
Favorite toys/activities being worn in a wrap or the Ergo, walks, car rides, starting to use the swing and activity mat, loves looking at the large black & white family photo in the living room
Words/sounds a few oohs and aahs
Memorable moments being born :), visits from Mimi & Grampy, Nana & Papa, and Aunt Kelly

from Aunt Kelly’s visit:

F a c e b o o k
I n s t a g r a m