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Colin 10 Months


Age 10 months
Weight/Length 75 %ile for both at 9 month visit
Size 3 diapers and 12-18m clothes
Eyes Blue
Hair First haircut 6/15!  Had gotten very long and wavy.
Teeth 7 (4 on top, 3 on bottom)
Sleeping Goes to bed ~7:30, up for the day ~6:00, wakes once or twice briefly most nights but no more bottles overnight. 3 naps each day, one or two long ones (~1.5 hours) and one ~45 min. Still sleeps with the Zipadeezip, paci and white noise.
Eating Four 6oz bottles during the day, 3 meals of solids and a couple snacks. Eats pretty much anything – loves bread (bagels, waffles, tortillas, crackers), applesauce, PB&J, beans, yogurt, hummus, pears, bananas, rice, and cheese. Drinks from a sippy cup, sort of.
Movement Pulls up to knees, gets on hands & knees and rocks, stands with assistance, cruises, waves
Outings & Memorable Moments 9 month checkup, zoo with cousins Emily and Hannah, Peony Garden, Memorial Day Parade, splash pad, park, last day of daycare until fall
Words/sounds dada, bubby, mama, ca (cat), ba (bottle), mimics lots of sounds, blows kisses
Favorite toys/activities Playing with Bubby, walks in the stroller, swinging, watching the cats, going out to eat, shopping, standing at the music table, playing with a plastic spoon, sitting on a blanket watching Bubby and dada play baseball

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