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Colin 7 Months

Age 7 months
Weight ???
Length ???
Size 3 diapers (4s overnight) and 9m clothes
Eyes Blue
Hair Long on top and a little bit in back, a second layer of hair has grown in underneath. Time for a trim!
Teeth 2 bottom teeth!
Sleeping Goes to bed ~7:30, up for the day ~6:00, wakes twice to eat most nights. 3-4 naps each day, one or two long ones (1.5-2 hours) and a couple ~45 min. Can put himself to sleep with the Zipadeezip sleep sack and paci.
Eating 5-6 oz bottles every 3 hours during the day, with 2-3 “meals” of solids. Hates green beans and peas, loves bananas.
Movement Finally rolled back to tummy! Sort of waves.
Milestones Has mastered sitting unsupported.
Outings & Memorable Moments buying Dad’s new car, Bubby’s Pinewood Derby, 6 month checkup, 6 month photos
Words/sounds Lots of laughs and babbling, blows raspberries
Favorite toys/activities Playing with Bubby, Jumperoo, playmat, remote control, sitting in the highchair, caterpillar, soft books

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