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Colin 3 Months

Age 3 months
Weight 12 lbs 12 oz (50th %ile) on 11/10
Length 25.25 in (95th %ile) on 11/10
Size 1 diapers (2s overnight) and 0-3m or 3-6m clothes
Eyes blue
Hair brown, getting even longer and poofier, looks lighter/thinner than Conor’s at this age
Teeth none but little bumps on the bottom front??
Sleeping Goes to bed ~7:30-8, up for the day ~6:30-7, usually wakes once to eat, then back to sleep for a few more. Slept 8-7 last weekend! Wakes up with a big smile 🙂 Still taking 4-5 naps each day, usually 45min-1.5hrs, in his crib or in the Ergo.
Eating same as last month
Movement rolling from back to side
Milestones grasping/holding objects
Outings Halloween parade at Isbister, Conor’s swimming lessons, walks with Mama, voting with Mama, 2 month well visit
Favorite toys/activities still loves bath time, swing, play mat, being worn, sitting in mama’s lap and talking, watching Conor, playing with Tigger after bath time, sucking his thumb

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