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Colin 2 Months


Age 2 months
Weight ??? (2 month well visit is in 2 weeks, we will find out then!)
Length ???
Size 1 diapers and 0-3m clothes
Eyes blue
Hair brown, getting longer, eyelashes getting darker, too!
Teeth still none yet 🙂
Sleeping ~10 hours at night, goes to bed between 8-9, wakes between 6-7, up once or twice to eat, 4-5 naps during the day usually in the Ergo carrier or being held
Eating switched to all formula at 6 weeks, takes 4-5 ounces every ~3 hours, doing much better with fussiness during feeding
Movement tummy time doesn’t last long because he rolls well tummy to back, holds head up well
Milestones smiling, recognizes mama, dada and big brother, studies hands and feet
Outings family hike at Maybury, big brother’s swimming and baseball practice, errands with mama, Isbister Harvest Fest, Geer School field trip with big brother, to work a couple times with mama, meeting Aunt Katie, Uncle Brian, and cousins Emily and Hannah
Favorite toys/activities bath time, swing, play mat, being worn, looking at the family picture in the living room

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