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McFatty Monday – Week 12

I did my first “long run” of the C25K program.  20 minutes, no walking.  (Distance runners, please restrain your laughter.)  It was slow – about 10 minute mile pace – but I didn’t stop, which I am proud of.  This week I’m supposed to do 25, then 28 the next, then finish up with 30 (which should be just about a 5K for me.)

In spite of the running success, my weight still isn’t really moving.  I hover around 140, give or take a pound, and I’m not terribly bothered by this.  I feel great, and my current BMI is well within the healthy range, but it would be nice to see some positive feedback from the scale.  I really believe if I can make running a part of my life, in time I will eventually make it down to my goal weight.  Even if I don’t, I still think the rewards of fitness are more than just weight loss.        

Here’s where I’m at:

Today’s weight – 140.0
Today’s BMI – 22.6
Goal weight – 130
Goal BMI – 21.0
Total weight lost – 3.0 of 13

F a c e b o o k
I n s t a g r a m