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Age 10 months
Weight/Length 75 %ile for both at 9 month visit
Size 3 diapers and 12-18m clothes
Eyes Blue
Hair First haircut 6/15!  Had gotten very long and wavy.
Teeth 7 (4 on top, 3 on bottom)
Sleeping Goes to bed ~7:30, up for the day ~6:00, wakes once or twice briefly most nights but no more bottles overnight. 3 naps each day, one or two long ones (~1.5 hours) and one ~45 min. Still sleeps with the Zipadeezip, paci and white noise.
Eating Four 6oz bottles during the day, 3 meals of solids and a couple snacks. Eats pretty much anything – loves bread (bagels, waffles, tortillas, crackers), applesauce, PB&J, beans, yogurt, hummus, pears, bananas, rice, and cheese. Drinks from a sippy cup, sort of.
Movement Pulls up to knees, gets on hands & knees and rocks, stands with assistance, cruises, waves
Outings & Memorable Moments 9 month checkup, zoo with cousins Emily and Hannah, Peony Garden, Memorial Day Parade, splash pad, park, last day of daycare until fall
Words/sounds dada, bubby, mama, ca (cat), ba (bottle), mimics lots of sounds, blows kisses
Favorite toys/activities Playing with Bubby, walks in the stroller, swinging, watching the cats, going out to eat, shopping, standing at the music table, playing with a plastic spoon, sitting on a blanket watching Bubby and dada play baseball

Age 7 months
Weight ???
Length ???
Size 3 diapers (4s overnight) and 9m clothes
Eyes Blue
Hair Long on top and a little bit in back, a second layer of hair has grown in underneath. Time for a trim!
Teeth 2 bottom teeth!
Sleeping Goes to bed ~7:30, up for the day ~6:00, wakes twice to eat most nights. 3-4 naps each day, one or two long ones (1.5-2 hours) and a couple ~45 min. Can put himself to sleep with the Zipadeezip sleep sack and paci.
Eating 5-6 oz bottles every 3 hours during the day, with 2-3 “meals” of solids. Hates green beans and peas, loves bananas.
Movement Finally rolled back to tummy! Sort of waves.
Milestones Has mastered sitting unsupported.
Outings & Memorable Moments buying Dad’s new car, Bubby’s Pinewood Derby, 6 month checkup, 6 month photos
Words/sounds Lots of laughs and babbling, blows raspberries
Favorite toys/activities Playing with Bubby, Jumperoo, playmat, remote control, sitting in the highchair, caterpillar, soft books

6m for blog
Age 6 months
Weight 17lb 13oz (55%)
Length 27.5in (83%)
Size 3 diapers (4s overnight) and 6-9m clothes
Eyes Blue
Hair Long combover on top
Teeth Still none
Sleeping Goes to bed ~7:30, up for the day ~6:00, wakes twice to eat, occasionally sleeps thru the night. 4 naps each day, usually one long one (1.5-2 hours) and a few 30-45 min.
Eating 5-6 oz bottles every 3 hours during the day, with 1-2 “meals” of solids. Has tried most stage 1 foods, likes most.
Movement Still working on rolling back to tummy.
Milestones Sits unsupported for a few seconds, with the Boppy for several minutes.
Outings & Memorable Moments Lots of time outside when the weather was warm
Words/sounds Belly laughs, babbles a lot, “da”
Favorite toys/activities Brother (“Bubby”) is still his favorite, Jumperoo, playmat, sitting in the highchair, driving in the highchair, riding in the smile wagon at school 🙂

Age 5 months
Weight ???
Length ???
2-3 diapers (3s overnight) and 6m or 9m clothes
Eyes Blue
Hair Long on top, starting to grow back on the sides
Teeth Still none, lots of chewing
Sleeping Still goes to bed ~7:30-8, up for the day ~6:00-6:30, usually wakes twice to eat. 4-5 naps each day, usually 45 min in his crib, rarely 1.5-2 hours.
Eating Started solids! Loves almost everything he’s tried so far, apples and pears only when mixed with oatmeal. Still eating 5 oz bottles every 2-3 hours during the day, with 1-2 “meals” of oatmeal, fruit, or veggies.
Movement Can easily roll to his side but can’t quite get all the way over. Likes grabbing his toes, tummy time, and will pull his knees up under him while on his tummy. Can do the hand motions to “Itsy Bitsy Spider” 🙂
Milestones first cold 🙁
Outings & Memorable Moments Christmas vacation with dada and Conor, Christmas visit from Mimi & Grampy and the Sees, started day care 2 days a week, play group
Words/sounds Still lots of babbling, Tim says he heard him say “milk” and I’ve heard him say something that sounds like “hi” 🙂
Favorite toys/activities “Baby Shark”, sitting in the high chair/eating, watching big brother, playing on a blanket, Jumperoo & Jolly Jumper

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